Pocket Translator As Featured On

Pocket Translator, As Featured On Pocket Translator, As Featured On

The Most Important Travel Tool
Ever Invented

Pocket Translator is a portable, AI – powered instant voice translator that bridges the gap between different spoken languages and breaks down language barriers.

This device translates in real time and you will immediately notice conversational ease with the press of a button. The two way speaking capabilities allow you to have fluid conversations on the go and is the most accurate translator on the market!

How Pocket Translator Works

  • Artificial Intelligence

    The built-in AI allows you to access languages at a moments notice and it 99% accurate.

  • Real Time Two-Way Translation

    Pocket Translator provides foreign language translation in real time. To operate press the button and hold it down when you are speaking. When finished, release the button to hear an instant translation of the language chosen.

  • Handheld & Portable

    The Pocket Translator’s size makes it the perfect travel companion. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and can fit in your pocket, purse, or you can buy a lanyard and put it around your neck.

  • Top Product

    #1 selling translator on the market selling over 400K units and hold 97% of the market share. Awarded the “Innovation Award” at Showstoppers in IFA 2018.

Quick & Easy To Use

Pocket Translator
Works Instantly!

Top Pocket Translator Features

  • High Durability

    Designed with travelling in mind,the prouct is made with the highest quality of materials and was made to be dropped.The AI housed inside the product is surrounded by steel fabrication and finished with a sleek white finish for consumers.

  • Easy To Use

    The device was made to be used by people of all ages and its functionality is simplistic.It comes with a instructional pampkelt on how to chose your language as well as how to record yourself and others.

  • Instant 2 Way Translation

    The Pocket Translator allows for easy to & fun communication on the go.The accuracy makes the product the top translator on the market and and instant delivery makes for fluid communication

See What Recent
Customers Have Been Saying

"My parents love it”

I bought this translator for my parents. It works very well, is small, and it's easy to switch any language you want. It's very solid and well made. You can press the button as you speak and release the button to send out the voice of the set language. Multi-language can be selected, the playing volume is large. Also , my parents like that it has a small case which makes it easy to put into pockets just like a phone. This is a very good and convenient. This translator is really a good helper for them.

- April P. from Boston, MA

"Best travel companion”

My wife and I are planning to travel to Thailand in next August. Beside we stay at Bangkok a few day, we are also going to visit some others city. We made some researches how to get there and are the people fluent in speaking English there and see that most of them are nonproficient. Thus, we have looked up online and got this language translator to prepare for our trip going well. This translator works exactly what the seller advertised.

- Chris K. from Provo, UT

"Battery lasts forever”

I bought this device for my parents, they can use it when traveling aboard. I have test it with some short conversations and it does a good jobs. The battery last long, nice design.

- Grace S. from Seattle, WA

"Amazing gift idea”

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my 10 year old daughter who is enamored with languages. Besides English and American-ish, she currently speaks Korean, Spanish, a bit of Mandarin and by now perhaps a few more. She is an amazing quick learner and she fell in love with the device.

- Janna A. from Dayton, OH